I have converted my original WordPerfect manuscript into a PDF format, and the second edition (20 Mar 2017) is now residing on the Internet at Dropbox ( This edition can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below. (You might want to bookmark the present website before downloading, in case you need to return here.)


128 x 101


On your desktop or laptop the file can be downloaded to your hard drive, and viewed by a variety of apps such as Adobe Reader or Preview. On your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) the file will open in the Dropbox app (available free in your device’s app store). Alternatively, you can set up a personal Dropbox account, upload the file to your account, and view the file from any of your devices by logging into this account. Again, by passengers, not the driver!

I have more recently prepared a very brief (39 pages) supplement to the original  parent publication: Interstate Landscapes — East: Geologic Origin and Geologic Structure Sections of the Physiographic Provinces. Its purpose is to present, in a more readable form, two subjects: a brief description of the geologic origin of the physiographic provinces of the eastern United States, and some examples of the relationships between their surface topography and the underlying geology as illuminated by geologic structure section diagrams. The topography of each of the physiographic provinces is, to a great extent, determined by its underlying geology. Over eons of time the processes of geomorphology result in the surface topography that we see today. A convenient way of visualizing this relationship is by means of geologic structure sections, block diagrams visualizing geologic structure on the sides, and surface topography on the top.

To download this supplement click on the picture below.


I am  currently (2019) preparing a third edition  of  the  original parent publication, which will incorporate the material contained in  the  supplement described above, plus material from two new publications on the roadside geology of West Virginia and Tennessee, as well as have some major editing. This new third edition hopefully will be available in the not-so-distant future, and will replace the current second edition.

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