I have converted my original WordPerfect manuscript into a PDF format, and the new third edition (July 2019) is now residing on the Internet at Dropbox. This edition can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below. (You might want to bookmark the present website before downloading, in case you need to return here.)


128 x 101


On your desktop or laptop the file can be downloaded to your hard drive, and viewed by a variety of apps such as Adobe Reader or Preview. On your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) the file will open in the Dropbox app (available free in your device’s app store).

This new third edition has had some major editing in an attempt to improve several areas  that were  confusing, overly detailed, or both in the second edition.

Two new major sections have also  been added:

In “Chapter II. Roadcuts and Geology” of Part Three I  have inserted a new section, “Earth’s Orogenies and the Development of the Eastern Physiographic Provinces.” This is a concise description of the geologic origin of the provinces of the eastern United  States, organized  chronologically along with a history of the Earth’s orogenies. This section replaces the overly detailed treatment of the Earth’s orogenies in the second edition.

In “Chapter III. Physiography” of Part Three I have inserted a new section, “Geologic Structure Sections.” This is a new feature for this edition, which provides several examples of the relationships between surface topography and underlying geology, as illuminated by geologic structure section diagrams. These are block diagrams illustrating geologic structure on their sides, and surface topography on the top. The aim is to show how the topography of each of the physiographic provinces is determined by its underlying geology. Over eons of geologic time the processes of geomorphology have produced the surface topography that we see today.

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